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How the Bassline scene is tackling the Coronavirus

One way or another, lockdown 2020 has affected everyone of us in every industry.

The Bassline scene is no exception, but…

Thanks to modern technology, even the hungriest bat-eating pagan can’t stop this party.

Locked down and Locked in

Lockdown has got us all locked in to our favourite DJ’s who have taken to social media’s Live features to keep the raving crew entertained.

God Save Our NHS

Times like these expose our true colours. Shining brighter than ever, DJ Jamie Duggan knocked out an immense 15-hour set to raise money for our NHS fighters on the frontline. Live across multiple platforms, the Barnsley born Bassline legend raised an impressive £12,052 in total!

Clash Season

Epic clashes have already taken place. None more noteworthy than than Bassline Titan’s, DJ Q and T2 going head-to-head in a showdown that truly highlighted their endless catalogue of Bassline bangers!

Just getting started

Lockdown appears to be the new way of life for the foreseeable future. Unfortunately, the return of mass gatherings will be the last of the steps in our return to normality, but the good news is we may have many more of these once in a lifetime live-streams to look forward to!

Stay Safe

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