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Roxanne Remix

Roxanne Bassline Remix?

Here’s how the idea came about and why we chose this track to remix.

Birthday Business

Sitting on a back-catalogue of finished Bassline music is no excuse to stop making wobblers.

Add to that, the celebration of a Bassline Crew birthday, and you have the perfect reason to create a new banger. Or two.

To switch things up, we decided to hire a room at Pirate Studios for the day and set about our business.

Birthday boy, Charlie, had his sights set on remixing the Arizona Zervas version of Roxanne. Good call Charles!

Fast Track

Like 150bpm? 

We are excited to release all of our forthcoming tracks, however, Roxanne has been fast-tracked for release.

This means the Roxanne Bassline remix will now be the next track to drop by The Bassline Crew.

Listen to the track here.

Stay posted for updates on this!


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