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Our Bassline Journey so far…

The Good Old Days

The Bassline Crew has been bubbling under the surface since way back when. I’m talking before T2 was topping the UK Charts with Heartbroken. So far back, the youngest Bassline Crew member wasn’t even 10 years old!

Around 2007, we naturally began to integrate ourselves within the Bassline scene in these early days via a combination of passion, production and DJ skills.

For me, personally, it was the raw underground vibe that drew me in. After my first bassline rave, I was hooked on bass, amongst other substances. Although I’m glad to say that bass is the only substance for me these days.

I would spend all my free time creating dirty wobbles and funky basslines on Reason, typically combined with a popular RnB vocals, sped up to 140bpm on Sony Acid.

DJ Sharpeh, as he was known at the time, would regularly DJ out in a thriving Batley nightlife, starting at just 15 years old. When he wasn’t Dj’ing or flyering he was inviting guests such as MC Lister (A Lister) to feature on his online pirate radio station, BouncingBeats FM. This consisted of us standing on his bed spitting bars and spinning tunes in the confinements of his bedroom. This image epitomises what the early bassline scene meant to me.

Modern Bassline

Around 2017/18, we recognised the return of our beloved scene and formed a collaborative act known as The Bassline Crew. Bringing on board the younger member of the Sharp fam, man like Charlie. He had the knowledge of the current scene and was able to bring me up to date, in particular. We now have a combination of experience and relevance and a brand positioned to incorporate like-minded bass lovers within our Crew!

2020 Vision

With a humble amount of releases to date, we are currently sat on a mountain of tracks that we intend to drop this year as we The Bassline Crew look to grow with recruitment of our fellow Bassline DJ’s and Producers. All with the view to provide the best experiences for the Bassline ravers through music, competitions, and events.

Keep it locked!

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